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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Uwe Boll Parodies 9/11

Wow, I didn't it was possible for Boll to stoop any lower. How wrong am I:

The director of several bad films based on video games (Bloodrayne, House of the Dead) seems to have stepped over the line with a brief cinematic moment of 9/11 parody.

(GP: who ever thought 9/11 and parody would be used in the same sentence?)

As reported by today’s NY Post, a trailer for Boll’s film rendition of the ultra-violent Postal video game series includes a brief scene in which an airliner crashes into a skyscraper.
-- Postal Film’s 9/11 Parody Scene Sparks Outrage [GamePolitics]

According to that NY Post article, Boll defended the decision because he wanted to "show the stupidity of suicide bombers".

Yeah, nicely done. I was just talking to The Girl about how odd it was that 30 Rock dared to even skirt near having fun with 9/11 (with a botched fireworks display that causes a panic). Little did I know absurdist outright parody was just around the corner.

With BatJack, Dr. Phil and now this - I can almost feel the IQ dropping outside.

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Patrick said...

Its an intellectual Noreaster.