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Monday, April 16, 2007

Check - Thompson Still Insane

Know how I know someone mentioned Jack Thompson on the web today? Because my hit count goes up about triplefold just through random Google blowback. Sure enough:

That's right, Thompson is trying to link the worst shooting in U.S. history, the one that occurred earlier today at Virginia Tech, to video games.

What I love about this is that just about everything he says on live television is blatantly not true, like blaming video games on the Red Lake High School shooting.

It saddens me that filth like Jack can get on national television to gloat and revel in the deaths of so many and try to put it off as education.
-- Breaking: IDIOT Thompson Blames Va Shooting on Games - Kotaku

I do so enjoy when I agree with Crecente on something. His rather angry coverage of Batjack's ... well I assume statement, Kotaku doesn't link to anything directly I'm assuming because Brian saw him on that non-intertubed television tube, had a coronorary, picked himself off the floor and then posted his reaction. It's now been heavily dugg (as it were). (Update: Tony links to the video in the comments below)

Thanks to a variety of links from older articles on BatJack, Cathode Tan sees a healthy jump in traffic whenever he says just about anything in public. I gotta say - I have pretty mixed feelings about that. Because if big media put him on the air - the simple fact that Thompson is flat out insane has failed to meet their grasp.

Or they just enjoy putting crazy people on their because its better for ratings. Jury is still out.

Look - Thompson has been waiting for his Columbine Times Ten since he first made the ridiculous statement years ago. Fearmongers like himself make waiting for the next bad thing into a kind of sick spectator sport. Here, we can see for ourselves:

Jack Thompson speaking in public causes tornadoes in Kansas

It's only April. Give me a couple months. And my statement, as logically flawed as it may be, is still three to seven times more sane than most of what spews forth of Thompson's mouth when there is a microphone nearby.

The only I'd ask is for people truly angry over this to write into whatever news organization airs this asshole and tell them its flat out unacceptable. Only public response will get them to realize that guys like Thompson need as little attention as possible.

Virginia Tech is a horrible tragedy that will overshadow the weeks to come without all the drama of guys like BatJack adding to it.


Tony said...

It's up on YouTube now. I can't make it past the first minute without screaming.

I think you're right, though. It's time to write something to Fox about keeping BatJack off the air.


Josh said...

I'll have to watch that at home. Then probably post a link to Fox New's contact page.