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Monday, April 16, 2007

Game Play: Done With Hotel Dusk

Note I didn't say I finished it - I'm just done with it. I got to the 11PM chapter and simply ended up wandering around knocking on doors without a clue in the world what the game was expecting me to do. I would have like to have gone bowling with Louie, but apparently I had more important things to do first - like, I dunno, wandering around randomly knocking on doors.

For hotel which is supposed to be full of mystery and intrigue, the place gets oddly vacant and dead. Wandering inside a boring hotel just isn't really much fun.

I like the general concept of a game like Hotel Dusk - but I just didn't like this particular game. It's not because it was "a lot of reading" - I liked the reading parts. It's because the game is framed like a series of tasks whose difficulties are mostly based on the obscurity of the task at hand and how obtuse the solution can be. I simply fail to see the entertainment value there.

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