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Monday, April 02, 2007

Rockstar Goes Wii (Not)

I can't, like, see this anywhere at the moment but I'm hearing that Rockstar officially announced Grand Theft Auto IV for the Wii over the weekend. Wish they hand't done that over April Fool's weekend, but I'm guessing this one is serious.

I'm a little surprised but if true it certainly proves the demographic for the Wii is pretty serious and already has more clout than the GameCube ever did. For Rockstar to downsize its next-gen engine for the Wii shows they believe the numbers are leaning in their favor.

If this works, it could be a milestone for the Wii having a truly diverse library - from kid friendly games to innovative gameplay alternatives to serious titles.

Update: The Brother informs " is claiming it's a hoax they made." Yeah, I wondered and can't really vet it from work. So definately call this one questionable.

Update 2: confirms the hoax. This was a kinda good one since it had that "air of plausibility" but kinda lacked the "air of deniability" since there isn't actually any technical reason GTAIV couldn't be done on the Wii.

Oh well.

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