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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Wait - Unreal Tournament 3 Mods On PlayStation 3?

How did I miss this? It's like a year old?

While Sweeney seemed to be disquieted by the complexity of developing for Cell, he did praise Sony elsewhere in his keynote for an "enlightened business model" when it comes to online PS3 capabilities - one that will apparently allow Epic's users to create Unreal Tournament 2007 levels and content on the PC, and distribute them via the PlayStation 3.

He notes that the mod community was "an essential part of [Epic's] success", and commented: "We would love to transfer this mod community over to the console platforms." Of course you'll need a PC to create levels for the upcoming UT2007 for PS3/PC, but Sweeney believes that everything will be in place so that modders can make new levels on the PC, "download them to the PlayStation 3, and distribute them online."
-- Sweeney Talks Cell Difficulties, PS3 Online Inclusivity [Gamasutra]

Wha? Seriously? Levels would be neat, but partial or total conversion mods would completely rule. Especially if there was some kind of support for split screen. Code a mod and then invite some friends over for beers and playtesting? I may feint now.

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