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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Theories Of Thermodynamics

So I hooked the Mac Mini back up and sure enough, it just boots right up. Silent. Cool. Been running ever since. No problems. I look down at the PC, which has been turned off, and wonder - maybe these two things really aren't getting along.

Seriously. The Mac Mini uses an external power brick. That brick is not too far away from the back of the PC. The PC vents out the hot air from the CPU and GPU right out the back. So the PC is blowing hot air onto the power brick. I have no idea how sensitive power bricks are to that kind of thing - but I've heard tale of a certain console running better when you hang its power brick and run a fan next to it ... so I'm thinking it could be somewhat.

Scientifically speaking, I don't have much proof. I haven't turned the PC back on and the Mac is running fine. I'll probably rearrange my various machines so that they have their respective corners. Then I'll see how many hours of Fable it takes to konk the Mac out.

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