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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Movie Watch: Hot Fuzz

We went out Saturday for The Girl's birthday and saw Hot Fuzz. If you're reading this and you haven't seen Shaun Of The Dead, stop now and go rent it. Hot Fuzz does for vigilante cop movies what Shaun did for zombie flicks. Few other directors or production teams can take a genre and so lovingly parody it. The training scenes of Kill Bill come to mind - three parts homage and one part slapstick. You could almost take this film seriously until someone karate chops a grandma in the mouth.

Oh yeah, it's actually quite violent in places. Like Shaun, they don't shy away from the same gore that is a staple of the genre. OK, so maybe gore isn't a huge staple of cop flicks. OK - maybe they just like gore. There's not tons of blood or anything, just a few scenes clearly tossed in for shock value.

Highly recommend and I hope this team is hard at work on another film.


Brinstar said...

Aagh. I've been meaning to see Hot Fuzz. I heard about it nearly a year ago. I think some of the work colleagues may be up for it, though for some reason a couple of them didn't like Shaun of the Dead (Baffling!).

Josh said...

It's positively brilliant - maybe a half a notch below Shaun, but that might be just because I enjoy zombie movies more than cop films. We kept seeing previews and was one of the few titles we agreed we should just see in the theater, especially since we saw Shaun on DVD.