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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lost: D.O.C.

If Lost can continue this pace through the next season, I'd almost be willing to forgive the blunders of the past. Just excellent work. I'm busy as hell, so I'm going to highlight just a few things.

Did Sun get Jin into his role as enforcer?
It sure seems like it. Borrowing money from Dad got Jin in debt without him knowing or wanting. Sun didn't realize just how much of an impact it would have on Jin and that's when everything spiraled out of control for them. This was one of the few flashbacks which was not only connected to the island story, but was almost more interesting than the island story. And in part because it builds on what we already know about the couple. Engaging stuff.

Sun's affair and her redemption
Once again redemption rears its head on the island (which, considering the past ... does not bode well for Sun). Sun is happier knowing that her child is Jin's even if it puts her at grave risk. Is this why the island wants Charlie dead? Has he redeemed himself enough?

Juliet, the reluctant villain
Juliet's character is clicking on several levels. Her interaction with Sun was honest and deep. She's clearly intent on betraying them all, of course, presumably because Ben continues to promise a reunion with her sister. She hates to do it - but oh is she doing it. Does Jack know? He was pretty absent in this episode, so no real insight on if he's playing along or being played. Right now, I'm leaning to the latter. Juliet is very good at this.

Oh and Kate is so pregnant
I'm just certain of it now.

Creepy little hospital
Wonder what else on the island has elaborate secret doors.

Lost in translation
The buzzmill says the parachutist (whose name may be Naomi) said "I am not alone" to Mikhail. Did someone else land on the island? Does Penny join the cast next season? Is that why Desmond's book was found?

Except that the bit about Flight 815 being found and everyone dead - hence igniting a slew of new theories about purgatory and the after life - just doesn't add up. What, Ben can phone the living? Or ... the Others are alive but can see the Losties like some kind of M. Night movie? And the parachutist too? I'm so not buying it. What this seems to be evidence of is that e off island operatives weild a hefty amount of power - something we've already been seeing anyway.


Troy Goodfellow said...

The final shocker that 815 was "found" was amazing. No mention of bodies or anything, not that you would need much in some circumstances, and nothing that Dharma couldn't provide.

But this means no one is looking for the Losties. Since Desmond didn't arrive by 815, someone is looking for him.

I never thought this season was as lame as many did. But, you're absolutely correct that the last few episodes have been hitting all the right notes.

Unknown said...

"Sun's affair and her redemption"

Say what? How has she redeemed herself at all? She hasn't 'fessed up to Jin on a lot of levels. I don't see how this is any different from "I cheated on a test but I didn't get caught! Whew!"

Josh said...

Well I meant more of an impending redemption. Whether she owns up to Jin or not is definately a factor and if she manages to conceive as well.

My guess is this ends with Jin and his kid alive and Sun six feet under. I can almost picture the sunset scene right now. She's moving very much in Shannon's direction.

I would guess that nobody looking for the Losties is exactly what Otherville would want. Perhaps especially after the purple sky event - if the island is now visible to the outside world.

I also found Juliet's extra tidbits about the failed pregnancies interesting. Women do not get a good break on this island.

Josh said...

Oh - and I'm leaning to the possibility that Mikhail knew he would survive the fence. Considering how the Others see killing others, the fence may be particularly nast ... but not entirely lethal.