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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jack Thompson For Hire

Jason Della Rocca got hero status from me for calling Thompson an ambulance chaser. Thompson apparently called Jason an idiot and a jackass and challenged Jason to a debate.

What's telling is what transpired afterwards. Thompson will debate - but only for money. Jason writes:

Personally, I’m not interested in getting paid under such a controversy-for-profit model. As you’ll see, my “counter challenge” of coming up toĆ„ Montreal to do a free debate at Dawson College (where a school shooting took place last year) was declined by Jack. Oh well.

To his closing remark about being paid to defend the industry, the opposite is more true. In an ironic twist of economic fate, the IGDA is not directly rewarded for getting involved in the censorship/violence struggle. Since any such work cannot be excluded to non-members, and that everyone in the industry benefits from progress, such work is by definition a “collective good”.
-- Massacre Chasers Profiting Most From Fear and Tragedy

Jason posts the priceless email exchange. If you want to debate Jack in public, his first step is for you "to get an agent". That's right - Jack's intellectual conversations begin with having his people talk to your people.

Jack is a tool. He makes his living by being a public figure. I'm glad that Jason chose not to take the money. For one thing, it is pointless to debate things with a guy like Jack because he refuses to stick to little rules like facts and reality (crucial points in many a debate). For another - it is really time for Jack to be out of a job.

Jack Thompson profited off the deaths of innocent people by lying on television. There is no civil stage to put him on anymore (if there ever was).

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