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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Heroes: .07%

Last night saw the return of new episodes for Heroes and the show definately kicked things off in a very strong way. Gone is the backpedalling of narratives - now we get just short, concise recaps or slight rewinds of previous scenes. Even the weird city hopping effect is a thing of the past. The show is maintaining a tight focus on the characters themselves and the cast is beginning to feel more like an ensemble and less like a rabble.

Course, much of that was becoming true prior to the hiatus, it's just good to see that no steam has been lost. I kinda thought the show was overhyped in the beginning but now have some serious faith in it.

My only beef was have Shuresh walk away from Sylar while Sylar was knocked out. Given how powerful, dangerous and psychotic he is - why do people insist on not clubbing him repeatedly when he's knocked out? I do like Psychic's Cop role in the story at this point, a definite improvement from his previous job as domestic whiner.

Also, Linderman's description of a "good thing" is highly reminiscent of an Alan Moore storyline - cause a major event which appears to be a catastrophe in the hopes of installing new faith and leadership. Anyone who saw the recent V for Vendetta (or better yet, read the book) will know what I mean. I suppose that's a good thing on it's own ... if someone is going to be borrowed from for a comic plot - Moore is a good way to go.

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