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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

TV Watch: Mostly Painless

There's the occasional scene in 24 that really gets me excited about the show. Sometimes it involves blowing stuff up - but other times it's little urban vignettes like landing a helicopter atop some truck trailers. Other times it feels like you can see the clockwork wheels turning and the writing stumbles over the show's format. Overall, though, the show is fun.

Course, then I read about the creator defending torture as a questioning method and I begin to wonder if I should even keep watching the show. Thomas speaks (at that link) more eloquently than I have the time here - but let me just say it's one thing to continue using torture as a plot device because it conveniently fits the contrived crisis as much as it does an hour long episode ... it's another to defend it as concept against people who undoubtably have more real life experience on the subject. It probably shouldn't matter, but it gets harder to buy into a conceit as merely theatre when you know the people behind might be buying into their fictional fantasy a little much.

Pretty good episode. House is better when a) it's not trumping up silly bets and b) Wilson has a sense of humor to go with a backbone and conscience.

Veronica Mars
Wallace shows up at a cafeteria table and has a brief but funny conversation with V. Remember when that was like ... common? I kinda hope the writers do. Also, Little Miss Sunshine's effect on Logan's heart was a nice twist to the pity party he's been in since like the second season ... but god I hope that party is now officially over. Dick was rapidly becoming the most likable character on the show.


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