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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

Took a vacation day today - it looks a bit like the sky cracked over Chicago and bellowed forth snow. I've seen it worse, but but not by a great deal and honestly shovelling out an alley with a bad arm didn't sound like fun.

Whether this turns into more or less posting will remain to be seen.


Unknown said...

I miss days to myself every now and again. In March I'll have a couple of days when my wife and children will be off visiting family. I'll have work, but I'll also be able to set my own hours for a few days -- a luxury life doesn't afford me usually.

When that happens, I'll probably try to get my work obligations done quickly and spend some long hours gaming.

Josh said...

It was brilliant. Completely brilliant. I read half a book, played some Dark Cloud 2 and had the only responsible thing to do cancelled due to weather.

And the whole while my car was protected from the snow by the nearby building.