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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In-Game Ads Testing For Counter-Strike

It appears that Valve has started testing in-game ads for Counter-Strike 1.6, Valve’s most popular game even 7 years after its release. When the news first broke that Valve would be adding advertisements into Counter-Strike, there was an uproar among the gaming community. Very few people supported Valve putting ads in their favorite first-person shooter, especially since they had paid for the game back when it didn’t have ads and development of Counter-Strike has essentially stopped. This action has already prompted a thread on Valve’s forums with over 550 comments, and almost all of them are negative.
-- Valve Starts Testing In-Game Ads for Counter-Strike [RealTechNews]

I guess you can add a command line param to get them to show up. It took me a while of browsing the thread in question to realize this is the original Counter-Strike, not CS:Source. Has Source really never managed to eclipse the original? I know CS's main draw is it's pure gravitational pull .. but wow. Valve just keeps going back to the well with this one.

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