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Friday, February 16, 2007

Game Night: Munchkin Strikes Again

Munchkin again proves to be evil fun. It has one of my favorite qualities of any game (board or computer) - a dynamic flow. At the beginning, it's fairly cooperative and jovial. By the end, you're making revenge curses and plotting your former ally's untimely demise. As the end approaches, everyone is making desperate full-scale assaults to keep anyone from succeeding at just about anyting. I think at one point I went to get a beer and someone tried to curse me with small hands. The evening ended with a Divine Intervention card - a kind a quick and random end game which can hand the game over to any clerics in the barn door. Had that not happened, I think The Girl was primed to win if she drew a low enough level monster. Right before that card was drawn, I dragged the whole table into a knock-out epic battle only to turn on monster into an illusion and unleash a doppleganger of myself ... only to have the original monster turn into a parrot.

It's just that kind of game.

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