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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Why You Shouldn't Listen To Execs

I can't get to the video, but the account New Launches gives chalks up two big wrongs for Steve Ballmer. The first where he announces the iPhone is the most expensive phone in the world (not even close) and the second where he asserts that the Zune captured 25% of the "high end" MP3 market. Tack this onto Microsoft's constant inability to use the word "sold" (as opposed to "shipped") correctly, and I can't imagine why anyone pays attention to this kind of interview.

Not that I'm keen on listening too intently to Kaz or Reggie or any other suit when it comes to pretty much anything but broad business decisions. Sony simply can't figure out what "supercomputer" actually means and .... well, OK, actually Reggie is generally pretty blunder free.

His Jobness is, of course, entirely watchable - but it's always wise to keep your distortion field protection kit handy. Case in point - the debate on the open or closed nature of the iPhone platform is far more interesting and relevant than anything a CEO will ever say.

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