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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Are Used Xbox's The Current Great Deal?

I'm not seriously contemplating getting one just yet, although I wouldn't object to hooking one up to the Mac's monitor instead of hooking the old PC backup. However, prices on eBay for some of the old black boxes seem to hit around $70, or you can grab some free games for more. That's some serious discount for a system with a decent library and the best online service of its generation. It's not quite as cheap as an old GameCube, but often cheaper than a used PS2. A couple used Xbox's and some copies of Halo might be the least expensive way to throw a LAN party in history.

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Anonymous said...

I had always said I would get an Xbox when Microsoft finally abandoned it. I wonder if it's officially gone enough for me to do that. Backward compatibility makes "support" a tricky question.

Josh said...

Well you can't find it stores anywhere, but I know there's still an XBLive for the original and I bet they'd still offer to repair it.

But imho, it's pretty darn abandoned.