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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dev Diary: Roguelike Ups And Downs

I made some significant gains tonight. I actually have a loop working where you can go to page, design an ASCII dungeon on the fly on the page, save it, and load it into a page which translates it into a working, playable dungeon. The combat (kinda) works. There aren't any chests or doors yet.

Sadly, this isn't the real problem. The real problem is that once I shoved real data into the engine, performance crashed. Crashed big time. I'm not really sure what the problem is - I mean, I'm doing enough costly things like splits and element tossing that I'm not terribly surprised - but I wasn't expecting this much of a drop. It's so slow that I may need to rethink the entire premise for the UI.

But the data is there ... and the method for generating the data has a foothold. And that's certainly something.

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