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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Left Behind Spams Blogs

Apparently the critique that blogs have written against Left Behind's "religious time strategy" game (like that? just thought of it ... mmmm first cup of coffee in the morning) has stung them just a tad. In response, Left Behind Games has decided to wholesale spam virtually every blog that ever mentioned the game with a PR response, as can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and ... here.

And that, my dear readers, are just blogs from like page 35 of the Google search they used, "left behind games blog", so I'm guessing there's a lot more than just that. Like thirty times more.

I'm not going to get back into a diatribe about the controversy, I've been verbose enough. This kind of PR strategy is about as low of quality as the game is reported to be. For one thing, the spammed message has the wrong link in it, it points to "" not "" ... and the page itself just repeats a few choice quotes from a handful of sources.

If anyone were to be trying to engage me as a blogger and gamer - this would be about the worst way to do it.

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(un)relaxeddad said...


After my last response (and after I vented my admittedly futile rage in an email to the hapless marketing gonk presumably manufacturing these spams) radio silence. Perhaps they've given up!

Josh said...

Huh, well they've now hit me twice ... so for blogs with multiple posts they might make multiple rounds.

I'm sure it was just that my second post was on like page 60, not page 30 ... since it was a verbatim repeat down to the incorrect link.


Troy Goodfellow said...

They hit me, too. But at least I had commented about the game more than once and even reviewed it.

I then had a nice polite email exchange with the LB poster.

Josh said...

Well, if you have another polite exchange with them - tell them to at leat get their URL straight before comment spamming.

Josh said...

Oh ... and the hypocrisy of complaining about critiques when people haven't played it when they respond to blogs they clearly aren't reading.

Ah, nevermind - I tell 'em if they ever bother to actually talk to me :)