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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sex Advice From A D&D Player

Racy and lewd in a couple places - but funny as hell:

I have a medieval costume fetish. How do I interest a partner in this?
Easy as regenerating a limb with troll’s blood! Are you a woman? Simply dress up in a bikini, link together a few pop can tabs into something resembling chain mail, and drape your “armor” over your crotch or breasts.
Are you a man? Oh, fucking forget about it. You can call it your “Wand of Wonder” all you like but she’s still going to laugh at your cape.

My last lover cheated on me. How can I learn to trust again?
Experience is a harsh mistress. Or wait, no, Xytherias of Calmodorn is a harsh mistress. XP is just a bitch.
-- Sex Advice from a Dungeons and Dragons Player at Dethroner (via Red Bull Diary via Gnome's random lair)

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