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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ray Traced Quake 4

Via Wired's Gear Factor comes this article about trying to use ray tracing in first person shooter:

One technique that was used creating the images for those movies is called “ray tracing”. This is an alternative rendering technology compared to what actual graphic cards on modern PCs and consoles do. For many years ray tracing has only been used for offline-rendering and the generation of pictures for movies often took many days to calculate.  Real-time ray tracing has been made possible with the OpenRT Ray tracing library. Through using many PCs over an Ethernet network interactive frame rates could be rendered in high resolution. Now, four years later CPUs have progressed a lot and ray tracing works in small resolutions on a single PC in real-time, but more on this later.
-- PC Perspective - Ray Tracing and Gaming - Quake 4: Ray Traced Project

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