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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

$250K For Playing Halo 2

The gamer's dream: achieved. Walk in to the spartan Murrieta townhouse 18-year-old Ben Jackson shares with four friends and relatives and you find comfy, if slightly snug, living quarters -- as if he were a collegiate upperclassman, not a professional gamer. There are two Xboxes in the cramped bedroom he shares with his buddy, Derek Smith, and three busted units in storage, but no room in the house is exclusively devoted to the industry that has lined the Murrieta Valley High grad's pockets with $70,000 since March.That figure probably will rise astronomically in the next three years: Monday morning, Major League Gaming awarded Jackson a $250,000 contract for his dominance in "Halo 2," the sequel to "Halo," which was the original signature game of Xbox. "Halo 2" is a violent science fiction story, and the most popular non-sports video game designed for the Xbox console.

Jackson's contract will be paid in varying monthly installments over the next three years. And there's a windfall to be made in the many tournaments he takes part in each year.
-- Murrieta teen awarded $250,000 for his dominance in Halo 2 - The Californian / North County Times -

Dang - I coulda been a contender. Well, maybe. Back when I was heavy into online fragging - the concept of going pro wasn't being ridiculed ... it wasn't even being discussed.

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