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Monday, December 18, 2006

Is "The Lost Room" Like A Game Plot?


Another thing worth mentioning—and I'm not sure if this is criticism or merely an
observation—is that the plot of The Lost Room very much reminded me of a puzzle-oriented video game, such as Myst; or perhaps it would be better to compare it, considering the level of action and violence, to Resident Evil. In fact, I'd be very surprised to find out that a game based on the miniseries was not already in the preliminary stages of development, ready to be green-lit if the series is deemed a hit.
-- The Lost Room - Camera Obscura by John Joseph Adams - Intergalactic Medicine Show

It's a completely justifiable observation (or critque). Much of the plot is pushed forward either by the discovery of a new object, clue or the completion of some puzzle. Were we back in the days of Infocom, this could be turned into a text adventure with little tinkering to the original story. Nowadays it would potentially be best handled in the style of Indigo Prophecy with puzzle solving instead of DDR style minigames or perhaps an online Flash game.

Or, as true for Lost, an Alternate Reality Game would be most interesting. I know setup an "object hunt" - but I think it was basically just sweepstakes related material. Indeed, I think I'd rather see a Jamie Kane style ARG than a proper sequel for the time being.

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