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Friday, October 27, 2006

A Marketer On Lost Season 3

I understand that there are Sci-Fi and spiritual forces at play on the island. I dig those. To a point. Now you're just becoming too high-maintenance for this marketer. We've now got so many hatches (above and below sea level), the "lucky" numbers, the damn Polar Bears, branded sharks and washed-up Pirate ships. And (oy!) the friggin' "others". I don't want to become attached to the "others". It was just perfect enough having the characters from the tail-end of the craft enter the scene last year. That made sense. All were stranded. All were connected somehow. All had endured the same fall-out-of-the-sky experience.

Now we have gated island communities...who hold book clubs? Not cute, too complicated. Too much of the wrong drama. When all I want are complex characters--and a true ensemble cast. I've been having to tell some clients lately that their offerings and business models are far too complicated. If I'm grappling with how to communicate them, how are the prospects going to feel?

That's right, overwhelmed. One could say...lost.
-- Is "Lost" Losing its Luster? Characters not plot. Complex not complicated

An interesting take on the show's rating drop. Also, I didn't realize that Lost slipped out of the Emmy running completely last year.

Still, I would disagree that it's not the amount of information we've been given - I think it's a matter that we don't know what to do with any of it. Season Two didn't leave the audience feeling empowered. I didn't feel rewarded for having tracked any clues except for the fact that I had caught them in the first place. The hatch situation resolved itself without a plausible explanation. Previous assumptions, some supported by the producers themselves, now seem completel off-base.

I agree with her other point completely - Lost has a lot of strength in the characters. But it can't be all flashbacks and inneundo. I think flipping Locke back to Hunter Mode might be the smartest thing the show has done this season to date. I'm just hoping the inclusion of Paolo and Nikki don't negate all that...

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