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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lost Podcast Postponed Due To ... Lost

The October 25th edition of the Official Lost Podcast is out (sorry, if can't cough up a link - neither can I) - but it's barely worth the download unless you are a big Eko fan. The producers took a pass on this week ... apparently to work on the show itself. So you get a brief interview with the actor who plays Eko and some advertisements.

Let's see - ratings are down (Season Three viewership is 20% lower than Season Two) and you start the season's podcast with a lame video edition and completely buries the normal podcast link (try iTunes itself I guess). ABC has also added a completely lame wiki which is redudant even with the Official Lost's own site for people rambling about their personal theories (which of course belongs on blogs) ... it really seems like things are off over there somehow. Maybe Ron Moore of Battlestar fame can give them a ring with some tips (excellent blog, commentary podcasts).

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