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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lost: More On Gaia

More thinking on the Gaia theory - two works of fiction - Foundation and Solaris take the concept of a living planet a little further. When they do, mental powers are associated with both. And the comparisons between Solaris and Lost are pretty straightforward (not to mention sharing a character named Kelvin).

I think if there is any curve ball to the theory - it's the Smoke Monster. You have to append something about a "nascent life form" or some such to make it fit. I think it could still fit, but it seems weird.

And again, I'm not sure I like the idea of the writers always having a "the island did it" excuse.

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Unknown said...

The near whole of my experience with Gaia is through Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and I found it extremely appealing, both as a theory and the premise for the movie. Perhaps I'm just open to goofy theories as a whole. Anyway, I'd be pretty pleased if they took Gaia theory and put their own spin on it to use as the basis for the series.

Unknown said...

I'm lazy. Did you address why they'd have to type in the numbers over and over under this theory? I don't get it.

Josh said...

Well, I think there might be a "DHARMA went crazy crazy" subtheory. More specifcally to "the button" though, I think they may have used the numbers almost ritualistically where they can. So the medicine might not be named for the numbers for any other reason than DI would reuse them as a constant reminder of their task.

So putting the numbers in repeatedly would be a way to pound in the fact when Swan employees later made their way into the Book Club and would be let in on the secret.

Or in general, when they could use any number - they pick the numbers. It links back to "Gaia" in the rather basic way that The Equation ties to the two together.