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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What We're Watching

Game-wise, The Girl and I are pretty focused on Sims 2. I finished Resident Evil 4 and even played some of the extra content, but I think it's about to get sent back to the great GameFly in the sky.

Television-wise, it's an odd time of the year. We had pretty much nothing there for a while, which sent us back to renting old Buffy reruns. Now, we've got a bigger list:

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
We caught this show for it's first season and loved it. It's what Cheers would have been if it were mashed with South Park. Much of the comedy stems from how low the main characters are willing to sink and hits such themes (wtih delightful 50's style muzak as it's overture) as underage drinking and crack addiction. It's indie, low-budget feel works well to it's advantage, focusing strongly on the performances of the ensemble which carry the show.

Stargate, Stargate Atlantis
I never really got into Farscape, once referring to it as the best episode of "Muppets In Space" ever produced. Browder and Black, however, manage the impossible - filling a gap left by Richard Dean Anderson. His absence is still felt and to be honest, the show is getting long in the tooth in that "what's the plural of apocalypse" way ... but it's still quite enjoyable. Atlantis seems to be finally getting it's stride as well.

I've talked about it before, but Hustle is still amazing television to me. It uses it's cast brilliantly and features smart and fun plotlines. A constant source of fun.

The 4400
I can quite put my finger on the 4400 ... which is why I think it's still watchable. It's one of those shows that could flop if the writers haven't built a decent premise to unfold. At times it feels like it's missed it's real mark - a drama about people supplanted from their past- for a Lost style mystery. It's still fun to watch, but it will be interesting to see which goal works or doesn't.



Patrick said...

Hustle and Always Sunny I can testify to being amazing.

Tony said...

I've been digging iASiP, as well. Every once and a while it goes a little too low brow, but for the most part it's excellent.

I've been watching Philadelphia, Monk (already getting long in the tooth) and Psyche (which has a quirkiness I like)

Deacon said...

Don't know if you checked it out already and didn't like it, but Eureka on sci-fi had a great pilot (as those things go). And it still new, so you're only two episodes behind.

Josh said...

I had thought about putting that on the Tivo. I can sneak it in and see if it passes The Girl's disconcerning eye.