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Monday, July 24, 2006

"Shooter", "Gamers": LAN Party Portraits

The two-part work "Shooter" by the artist duo Geissler and Sann consists of a video and photo documentation of LAN parties organised by the artists in their studio over a period of a year and a half. Both the video sequences and the photo documentations show the players front-on against a neutral background from a constant camera angle.The video, on show at the exhibition, observes the players during a fight scene, i.e. while they are killing or getting killed in the virtual world of the network while sitting in the same room as their adversaries. The video shows moments of intense concentration of a temporary tension characterised by inner drama. According to the artists, "The viewer … witnesses a life-and-death game with no consequences".
-- Shooter (via we make money not art)

Unfortunately the site listed there 404's and I can't find a better sampling of the images online. Not so true of Gamers, a series by Todd Deutsch, from that same WMNA post. This isn't exactly the kind of stuff I'd hang on my wall, but it's interesting to see someone take an artistic slant on the gamer culture.

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