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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Monopoly Goes Plastic

Gizmodo reports that Monopoly will be taking credit, not cash in the days to follow. Some may bemoan this as an end of an era and that it betrays of the fun of hoarding a fistful of fake money over your friends. I mean, how menacing is it to shake a plastic card in lieu of a stack of $500 bills?

Nay, I say they aren't going far enough. Add in new rules for the modern age:

Identity Theft
Swap credit cards with the person of your choice for three turns.

Balloon Payments
Pay $5 for any property on the board, but pay ten times the list price ten turns later.

Turn lost, simply read five random cards outloud to players. Any player who wants you to stop can pay you $10, but is instantly a victim of the identity theft rule.

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