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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pinatas Having Sex?

Wait, there's "mating dances" in Viva Pinata? Right down to some Barry White or soft jazz? Isn't this primarily aimed for kids? Sure, it's not explicit ... but I'm still in a bit of huh on this one.

It's odd ... Sims is often the posterboy of clean interactive media living whereas San Andreas is Lucifer. Yet, I've managed to bed nearly every woman in Sims 2 and have two spouses ... a man and a woman. Lots of sex in Sims 2 is actually the easiest way to make friends in the game ... a pretty important goal. By comparison, the girlfriends in San Andreas bored me so much that I eventually just shot one of them.

OK, that didn't come out so much of a defense of San Andreas as questioning Sims 2...

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