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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why I Hate Windows

It's just about six here. I'm two hours past the clock now because I'm trying to finish up some work before I take off early for the weekend. There's been a minor calvacade of things to slow me down, but nothing major.

Just now, as I was trying to fix the last few things ... Windows decides it's not going to serve web pages anymore. A few minutes ago it was there. Now it's not. Nothing, no response. Localhost who? Sorry, we don't know anyone by that name. Try down the way. I restart IIS. Nothing. I try accessing my dev site remotely. Nothing. I try swapping out the various configs for another site. Nope. Nada.

So I think to myself ... what could possibly have changed? How could I have broken IIS? Oh yeah, I installed iTunes. Maybe somehow iTunes could break IIS.

Sure enough, I uninstall iTunes and (naturally) reboot the machine. Swap back out config files ... and localhost boots right up.

Hurrah, right? I mean after all, iTunes isn't all that important. It's not vital to development.

Unless you're developing a podcast

Yeah. So before anyone tries to defend Windows lemme spell this one out for you. I will now have uninstall iTunes to run my web server and reinstall it to test the podcast ... only that won't work because the podcast feed is hosted on my dev server.

Thank god right next to this evil box is a very trusty Mac. Otherwise I'd be screwed right now.

Hates Windows. Hates it.

Update: It's better. It's not iTunes. I guess it just trashes itself and refuses to right itself unless I reboot twice. Not once. TWICE. Because sometimes Windows craps on itself so hard, one reboot apparently ain't enough.

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