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Monday, June 19, 2006

Slow News Days

And well, slow me as well. I've been under the weather since last Thursday and whatever brain cloud is afflicting me isn't completely done yet. Currently the symptoms read more like something from a hex than a virus. More like "you shall get a spotted tongue and walk in a haze" as opposed to "fever", although that hasn't stopped whatever it is from carrying on with all three. So if I'm not so prolific of late, please forgive.

I have been trying to push ahead with Atlas since trying to write fiction with the plague on you is less than desirable, despite what Hunter Thompson imagery it might create. I've got the old asteroid creation code working and the new Torque engine does seem to be able to handle higher volumes of objects fairly well. I'm having some problems with the keybind ... as in if I use the only format which apparently works anymore it crashes the application. Which is, you know, bad. Still the biggest hurdle will be making the two player mechanics work and seeing if it can survive at 800x600 on SDTV.

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