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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

OK, Time To Cancel Duke Nukem Forever

This grand list of world changes since Duke Nukem Forever started development has been making the rounds ... and it's quite the read. "Every Unreal, every Unreal Tournament, and every game that has used any of the Unreal engines" hits pretty close to home for me, considering just how many hours I've wasted on those titles (and to some extent, developing with them).

Soon the title will be a decade's worth of effort and currently there's nothing 3D Realms is willing to show for it. No demos, no screen caps, no videos. The last E3 presentation is now terribly dated. The best thing to come out from the franchise in all this time is quite likely Megadeth's cover of the theme song.

Duke Nukem Forever has transcended the normal concept of hype for a game. It's practically urban legend. Nothing that could be produced will live up to the expectations that will be thrusted upon the game. And we've seen with Doom III and Deus Ex 2 just how much high expectations can lead to a gamer rebellion on a title.

Despite my constant request to never release it so that the constant calvacade of Duke jokes and release rumors can continue, I'd say it's time to cut the losses. Cancel the game, change the title and release under a completely different name. Make the next Duke title a different genre, like RTS or MMO ... because it's hard to imagine the next Duke shooter surviving the forum flame wars. Because that's one thing not on that list ... just how saturated the FPS market has truly become. Not even heavies like id can always hit the home runs these days. Upstarts like CroTeam are just as likely to make a splash as someone like Epic.

Who needs Daikatana like baggage on a release? Is the Duke name really worth all that? I think the last Duke title I played was on the N64. Games like Project: Snowblind prove that seperating yourself from a franchise is sometimes better than staying hitched to it.

It's been fun ... and funny ... but it's time to let it die.

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Andy said...

My vote goes for allowing it to develop 'forever' so we can speculate and joke till the end of time

Josh said...

Well, honestly I would too. This is more of what's best (imo) for 3D Realms or rather the game itself.

For us, it's a big bag of unlimited fodder.

Jason "Botswana" Cox said...

It does beg the question as to what has gone so horribly wrong. Both Half-Life and Halo, two games with ridiculously long cycles, were announced after Duke Nukem Forever and not only completed but then both had sequels released that also both had ridiculously long development cycles.

This has to be mismanagement on an epic scale.

Greg Tannahill said...

I'm actually feeeling like no matter what they release, it can't possibly be as LOW as my expectations. I'm essentially expecting them to eventually truck out a game using ten-year old technology and design philosophy that takes about two hours to finish and is full of really bad, crude jokes and pornography, so really almost anything they DO deliver at this point will be a pleasant surprise.