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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More On Metroid Prime 3's story, mechanics

The main gimmick behind the corruption is the idea of hyper mode. Hyper mode has been something that we've used in the Prime series before, but it's also been in Super Metroid at the very end. Well, because of this Phazon corruptionm we're giving the player the ability to go into that mode at any time and become very powerful, which open up a subset of abilities that Samus will have based on this Phazoncorruption. The caveat to that is while you're extremely powerful for a period of time, you also have the possibilty of dying. So you're kind of balancing the system at the same time. You would naturally time out of the system or you would use up all your Phazon while you're shooting your weapons and things like that. Your corruption fuels this hyper mode, so you shoot weapons your health bar switches to a different type of management system.
-- Metroid Prime 3 Corruption Interview (digg it)

Not sure if calling a chief mechanic a "gimmick" is such a great idea, but I appreciate the honesty. There's also some details on the storyline and the role other bounty hunters might play. Personally, I just want to see how well a Wii shooter will play.

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