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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why No Mission Impossible: III Game?

MTV would like to know:

This marks the second straight year when a Paramount blockbuster-to-be is conspicuously skipping out on console gaming. Last year's no-show was "War of the Worlds," a sci-fi hit that would seemingly have fit a gaming market that featured another 2005 aliens vs. humans epic, "Destroy All Humans."

The common link between both movies isn't just the studio behind them, but their star: Tom Cruise. He has never appeared in a video game or even on the box art for a game, neither for 1987's "Top Gun" NES game nor the 2006 game based on the same movie, not for the one "Mission: Impossible" game released since Cruise began starring in the movie series, and not in 2002's "Minority Report." In that game, Cruise's character was made to look so unlike him that he was blond.
-- Video Games Are One 'Mission' Tom Cruise Won't Accept

Tom Cruise not appearing in video games is nothing but a good thing in my book, since his PR campaign went from privately insane to full on public Nero-style why-is-there-a-horse-in-the-senate kind of insane. And Mission Impossible II was the first John Woo movie I didn't like, a fact I've never quite dealt with.

Still, these movies are ripe for game adaptation. Paramount, as the article notes, might be a little timid after previous Mission Impossible stinkers like the failed N64 project. I suppose it's better to have a Hollywood studio realize they don't have a decent interactive department than to produce crap.

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Unknown said...

Dude, Caligula made his favorite chariot racehorse a senator. It's called the Wikipedia!! Use it!!

I think Tommy just is a little big for his britches. Pretty soon, the studios are going to wise up to the fact that most people think he's a lunatic, and then they'll own his ass again, and his face will be on everything from BK glasses to videogames.

Josh said...

You know, I knew it was Caligula ... my over-caffienated mistake was assuming I just didn't need to hyphenate between Nero and Caligula.

Which brings to mind that I only seem to have two modes of posting - under and over caffienated.