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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Microsoft's New Die Job

Was the Xbox 360 too hot for consumers? The question, taken literally, seems to have a fairly singular answer at this point - yes. Apparently the device requires far more heat reduction than your average consumer electronic which leaves the box noisy from fans and still warm to the touch. Microsoft's response will be shrinking the die of the CPU to make the machine run faster at cooler speeds. Purportedly this will make for a more stable 360 at either the same price point or perhaps even cheaper.

Thanks to supply problems, heating concerns and the slow build-up of it's library, the 360's early start into the market has clearly made for a shaky beginning. Far from getting a headstart to put pressure on it's competitors, we clearly have barely begun the next generation of console wars. Early adopters of both the 360 and high definition television have enjoyed a peek ahead towards what general consumers will be playing in the future, but the real battle will begin this holiday season ... not the previous one.

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