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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nintendo Wii ... brilliant or just weird?

The Revolution has it's official name, Wii:

In any case, Kaplan admitted that some people won't know how to pronounce "Wii" but said Nintendo will embark on an ambitious campaign to ensure that's not a problem come the console's expected fourth-quarter launch.
-- Nintendo Revolution renamed 'Wii'

I am instantly reminded of this, from The Brother's blog:

So, this was the call that I got yesterday at work--

Confused sounding girl on line 1: You really need to help me. I need to find this thing for a class project and no other place in town carries it. Do you have potato nookie?

me: Potato nookie?

CSG: Yes, it's an Italian pasta made with potatoes.

me (after a pause): Oh, it's pronounced NO-chee. Yes, we have it.

CSG: Really? OMIGOD!! I'll be right there!!
-- Potato Nookie?

Best Buy employees everywhere - be prepared for the assault of potato nookie.

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Winkyboy said...

Wyy "Wii"?

But seriously, I thought "Revolution" was a great name, and I think most gamers out there probably did, too.


Brinstar said...

Wii are amused by gamers' reactions. Wii also do not care what the name is, as long as the games are good and it's fun. Also, "GameBoy" is a dumber name.

Josh said...

LOL. Yeah, I suppose that's a point, Brin.

I thought they'd go with something more directly related to the Revolution name, or the "Red Ocean" strat or something.

Actually, I though the GO rumor had some logic behind it, even though I didn't quite believe it.