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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

DVD Player + Game Boy Advance

The Visteon Dockable Entertainment at first glance appears to be your standard portable DVD player. Further inspection reveals a Game Boy Advance game slot on the device’s lid. Also included is multiplayer port to hook up an additional 3 GBA together, a DVD/CD drive, MP3 player, 10.2” flip screen, wireless headphones, and a wireless video game controller.
Game Boy Advanced DVD Player


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Duncan M said...

If Nintendo is beginning to farm out it's waning hardware, they might be the first ubiquitous mobile gaming platform. Imagine cellphones with GBA capability. It would focus most of mobile gaming into a central platform, one with a proven and extensive library.


Josh said...

That would be most excellent. GBA level games are a great threshold for decent graphics and gameplay with a low level of entry for the technology.