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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

GamerDad On

I interviewed Andrew Bub AKA GamerDad a little while back and had simply a jolly old time. The BBC just put him in their crosshairs for the holiday season and come up with some new cheer:

Mr Bub is sure that when his children do play games that the experience does them good.

For a start the mouse and keyboard skills it teaches will undoubtedly be useful in later life but, more importantly, because they encourage children to plan, think and co-ordinate.

"You cannot play a computer game without thinking," he said.

When parents see children playing computer games, he said, they criticise because they think they are being taught "Kill! Kill! Kill!".

"But," he said, "what any kid is doing is thinking 'Survive! Survive! Survive! You are not going to bring me down.'"

But, said Mr Bub, the hard decision to reach is not if or when to buy a game console for your children but to have the courage to let them play by themselves and with their friends.
-- Parents face video games dilemma

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