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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Funny How That Goes

My mom and I had a conversation about how my dad kept reacting to the possibility of getting me and my brother Nintendo DS's for Xmas. Apparently he habitually mispronounced Nintendo in exceedingly strange ways.

Which is odd, I said, since he owns a GameCube. And it's not like he isn't familiar with GameBoys since the resident grand-daughter often has one in her hands. And it's not like he hasn't spent hours at a time trying to finish a GoldenEye level.

Besides, I got him a GameCube game. So I was hoping he still remembers that he plays these things.

Then, when he opened it ... he said, "Hey, it's the latest Need For Speed."

To which I thought, how did he know it was the latest?

Guess he pays attention to that Ninetendah stuff pretty well after all.

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