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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Your Answers, Mosquito Edition

I'd like to quickly respond to a couple of mosquito related queries. Or at least try to.

Anime mosquitos do not actually exist. Not even fictionally. There is no recorded evidence to point to one. This is probably because they are very, very small even if they would have larger than normal eyes.

I'm not entirely sure of the answer to "what are the side effects of multiple mosquito bytes" ... The Girl suggests that there is probably always at least one itch you can't scratch. We're both a little confused, however, as to what kind of data storage is required for even a single mosquito byte.

Gosh dang, this query tracker is more fun than google ads.


Thomas said...

Man, you get much better searches than I do. All of mine are for Masura Emoto and my old drummer's band.

Brinstar said...

Yeah, really. For a while, all my searches were about Jessica Chobot. And then it got slightly weirder, with someone looking for "acid in human blood". But otherwise, nothing consistently interesting.

Tony said...

Not only is it fun, it's helpful. I use it for spell-checking. When I see someone has reached my site by searching for "Xbxo 360" I realize how dumb I really am.