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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blast from My Sordid PDA Past

I blame gizmodo's soliciting comments about PDA's (that's me towards the bottom) for the dragging out of this URL from the closet:

One of my first forays into serving web content to the general public was hijacked, a fansite for Palm Pilots. I even had one of those pilots with 3Com branded on it. I wrote a PERL based CMS for it, setup sections for quick user feedback (think protobloggish), and I eventually moved to whole operation to it's own domain. Then I lost the need to have a PDA in my life, lost interest in updating the site, and then eventually abandoned the domain. Now it's one of those link farm things. Not to mention the name "hijacked" makes little sense with the name swapping Palm does these days.

Just weird, like lifting up one of the couch cusions and finding that old novel you never finished ... writing.

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