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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Thoughts on WiFi "Piracy"

In the shower this morning I had an odd thought about the possibility of using someone else's public wifi network being illegal. Yes, I know how horribly geeky that sounds and I'm quite comfortable with it.

Anyway, if my neighbor sets up a public wifi network and I use it, then let's say for fun's sake that it's the equivalent of cracking his firewall, using a brute force password program to get control of his computer and running amuck on his system. Let's say his system had a share drive for his personal LAN to host movies, music, etc. for his whole house.

Now according to the "attacking my router" crowd, someone who has setup a public WiFi connection with publically available copyrighted material is in no way rousing the ire of the RIAA, because they're just being ... infiltrated? Something there doesn't really add up. And I'm guessing the RIAA would agree.

Seems if you don't want your material publically available ... don't make it publically available. Seems like Internet Common Sense 101.

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