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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Your Answers, Indepedence Edition

Welcome to more answers to your keywords that I didn't have:

Not only do I not have naughty Cortana pics, that's too geeky for words.

There's a door with a question mark in Lego Star Wars? Sorry, can't help.

No torrent for GameSpace here.

The Advance Wars Dual Strike Realtime mode does, indeed, sound fab

Tekken quotes? How about "I don't have time to play games with you." Clever, huh?

It's physically impossible to get an XBox tan, so stop trying.

Tan girls, however, do exist.

I think using a World of Warcraft fembot is probably against your EULA.

According to some, we are all manchurian children.

I've researched turn based tactical engines, and honest there isn't much out there. If you want to roll your own, I think Torque 2D might be a good start, although the isometric angle there is tricky (if that's what you want).

If there isn't a Fate lightsaber mod, there should be.

You shouldn't need to unlock X-Men Legends coop mode, but you do you have to wait for the right points in the story. Fortunately, the single player only parts aren't very long.

Princess hooker?

I can't really repeat those keywords, but let's just say so you've got her legs on the mantlepiece...

When your stripper falls in battle, pour a bottle for her homeys.

Should people in stores sell kids timesplitters:future perfect with an adult? Good question. I'll just say the TS:FP is a great game, but there is some pretty disturbing imagery. One challenge has you taking a shotgun to a hoarde of psychotic, lobotomized chimps. So let that be your guide.

Do lawyers tend to be to the left of normal people? Hey, I know of one who went after a vicious public campaign to prove Janet Reno is a lesbian, so I think they come in all colors.

A badger is a fierce fighter and would make an excellent emblem.

OK, that's all for this week. Enjoy some fireworks peoples.

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