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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Wireless Toys

Since I got Casa de Cathode working wirelessly, it's been fun to take the old laptop around and surf and whatnot. I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of wireless toys out there though. I've got broadband flowing around this place like water and the best I've been able to find is an old Sharp Zaurus off of eBay to play with it. I guess the DS and the PSP kinda made me think that wifi hardware was becoming more mainstream and common. So I've come up with projects I might try:

Wifi Clock
I've got an atomic clock, so why not a clock which also has the weather forecast, email notification and upcoming events? An old PDA might be best jury-rigged into such a display.

Wifi Screen
I found a how-to on taking apart an old laptop and converting it into wifi picture frame. It would be nice to have something which be able to show pictures, but also have the ability to swap to a calendar. There are wifi picture frames on the market, but they run you just shy of a Tablet PC.

Wifi Phone
These are on the market, but again seem somewhat costly. I've read that you can get a bluetooth headset to talk with OSX, so I might have to try that. The Girl and I have been weighing out our phone options for some time now, since the amount we spend on landline and the cell phone seems a bit much.

Wifi Radio
Sooner or later, a Mini will probably reside with our television ... but it would also be nice to get music out in the backyard. Not sure what the best implementation of this would be just yet.

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