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Friday, July 01, 2005

DS Homebrew ... Nintendo are you reading this? is a Nintendo DS homebrew site. They've got articles on how to set up a development environment for the machine, how to upload files, graphics, etc. There's even a project to bring an enhanced version of Doom hosted over there (thanks insertcredit).

The question I place to Nintendo is - how fervent do people have to get about doing something before you take notice? Why do the gaming companies continue to leave the homebrew community out in the cold? It's seems like a really silly business decision. My guess is that if people are willing to spend all this time and effort to compile programs on foreign silicon ... they'd be willing to spend some money on an SDK. When will Nintendo and Sony reach the same conclusion that the shooter genre realized so many years ago and see that people modding your product is a good thing.

I'll posit it like this. Valve made a fortune by continuously selling the same product, Half-Life, way past it's expiration date based squarely on the quality of user-made content.

If Sega had made the Dreamcast with a similar concept, released SDK's and fostered a community around developing for it, then people would still be buying the Dreamcast today.

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