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Thursday, June 30, 2005

That's Going to Totally Suck

Is what I said when I saw a skywriter spraying "N-GAGE" over the Chicago horizon. Now, N-Gage marketing has become officially award-winning:

The annual festival in Cannes is the most prestigious of its kind. Over 8,000 advertising industry figures from 75 different countries meet to review and celebrate the year's most successful and creative marketing campaigns and advertisements. Being nominated for four of these reputable awards and winning two has thrilled everyone who has put so much effort into the N-Gage advertising campaigns.

"In addition to being absolutely hilarious, the Snakes campaign has many interesting viral elements and has helped to drive traffic to both and the N-Gage Arena." said Jussi Solja, N-Gage On-Line Marketing Manager, Nokia. "Like all of our campaigns, it uses creative, fun - sometimes even wacky - ideas to really attract and entertain the consumer."
-- N-Gage Campaigns Win Cyber Lions at Cannes International Advertising Festival 2005

My jury is still out on the N-Gage, though I'm more likely to get a Treo than a QD.

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