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Thursday, April 21, 2005

UMD Bundles

Japanese teen pop music may not be in our future, but Bandai seems ready to deliver us a taste of Japanese culture in a portable format with releases of Japanese manga on UMD video. The venerable Anime News Network is reporting that Bandai Entertainment is in the works with a number of North American UMD Video releases out of its vast video catalog of theatrical anime films. Exact title listings to be released are not yet known, but ANN mentions that Bandai is aiming to release titles in tune with gamers, and mentions the Gundam Seed and Escaflowne movies as an example.

IGN analyzing potential UMD anime bundles. The UMD starts to make more sense when put into this context. I could totally see the anime fan crowd paying good bucks for a decent DVD set with UMD versions AND some kind fo playable game.

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