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Friday, April 22, 2005

Told Ya So

IGN reviews Area 51, and starts off with:

In Midway's Area 51, David Duchovny portrays an ultra unlucky HAZMAT trooper, Ethan Cole, with slightly less emotional pizzazz than your average over-boiled carrot. To mar an otherwise polished and well presented title like Area 51 with such mallet-to-the-face drowsiness is downright inappropriate. It's a wrong that ranks right alongside topping crème brûlée with a handful of half-melted Skittles and a pinch of Reeses.

The man is one of the worst voice actors on the planet. Spread the word. His "work" on XIII was the lowest point in the game. He might have been great as Fox Mulder, but he needs to box his weight. Producers assume that just because someone is "hollywood", they'll sound good in a game. It's a naive assumption, bordering on just stupidity. Voice acting isn't like Stage Acting. To quote Dan Rydell, that's why they have the two seperate words.

All in all, it sounds like IGN liked it though.

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