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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A kind of experiment, my ass

Jagged Alliance 3D is not turn-based.

Besides we performed market research before we set to develop the game. At the present moment we are working on a real-time Ja3D with ‘a smart pause’. We guess the innovation may sound a bit shocking to the fans of the JA series. But there’s nothing to worry about. Ja3D branches somehow from the main idea of the sequel. It’s a kind of experiment.

from here ... (thanks Blues)

Kind of experiment? Bullshit. Those words NEVER follow the phrase "market research". Bit of "cheap usage of a classic franchise to churn out basic RTS fodder in hopes for quick cash" is more like it, although admittedly a tad wordier.

This is exactly what's wrong the industry. People can't even stomach the guts to take a basic risk. Making a turn-based JA game is a no-brainer. This is like saying "We did some market research and found the many people think games are too violent. So Quake IV will be sponsored by Nerf. It's a kind of experiment."

To quote my friends from across the pond:

What wankers.

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