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Monday, September 21, 2009

September 24th PSN Update Looking Amazing

So far confirmed for this Thursday: Fallout 3 DLC, in fact the Broken Steel DLC - probably the best of the bunch. Trine (see the trailer at Average Gamer). Zombie Apocalypse.



Unknown said...

And in one week the number of PSP games on the store is supposed to go from less than 60 to over 300. (Judging from Sony's official statements.)

Just sayin'.

Josh said...

I take my jinkies and raise it a jeebus, even if I don't own a PSP.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty excited about the PSP situation.

Just today I found out Pac-Man Championship Edition is bound for the PSP as a "PSP Mini". If it's as good as the Xbox 360 version is supposed to be, I'm literally begging them to take my money.

The PSP is looking good in the near term. Should be interesting.